About us

Our mission is to help you do better with your money, using the power of machine learning to work out when you’re paying too much or getting too little. Your best interests will always be at the heart of our business and our number one priority. We have no vested interests, and our products come with no strings attached.

In a world where corporations, big landlords and market middle-men always seem to know more than the ordinary consumer, this could be a big help. We want to level the playing field, using technology.

We’re developing lots of products using the power of machine learning to let us achieve our goal of helping you, but we need your input!

This website gives you versions of the first two products we’ve created: one to work out an estimate of what any property in the UK will sell for, and one to work out a fair rent for any property in the UK.

You’ll see a simple page to enter some basic details of the property. Behind the scenes, we use publicly-available data and machine learning to calculate an estimated price and fair rent.

Our current tools give you a good idea of what a property will sell for and what the rent should be.

They use market-leading analytics, and they will get better if you give us more data.

And these tools are just the beginning. They will be followed by many others, doing things like:

You can help us with all that. So, please try our products today!

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